Today's new friend is tomorrow's family - Abby Sciuto


...my blog is sad? Perhaps negative? Sure my life in the past has been less than positive. That is what I used my blog for... To express myself. To say things I felt I needed to say. Never really got the chance in the last few years to express myself. My confidantes have moved on to other circles, other patterns of life. We don"t really mesh anymore. Or they speak to me in the form of pleasantries which can be even more insulting. Easy to use answers, cop outs. You know what I mean.

Yes, it is a somewhat public forum. I get it. Would I take back what I said? In the most part, no. At least 95% of it. I have or had readers that react to my posts, agree with or connect with what I say. So I don't feel what i do/reveal is wrong. I just do. I don't have or write a journal. What would be the point?? Really? Isolation provides no answers.

I don't actively share this link so if you followed it you wanted to know. Thank you for your interest. Yes, you too. ;)

Actually don't have that much more to say. Just wanted to pop in and say hi, and express my most recent thoughts.

Been awhile. Miss you all of those who have shared with me.

Night all. At least those that remain...



The Question

To like, or not to like, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind suffer
The likes and  unlikes of outrageous Facebooking.
Or to post updates in the sea of social media
And by participating give in. To join-to embrace it.


In a Weird Place

Too many years, too many regrets. Not quite sure what to do anymore. Maybe just start over?

The temptation is to isolate myself until... What? You can never rely on others to save you. So time to step up? Probably. Need a brief respite however.

To those who were disappointed in my disappearing I am sorry. Not sure I am back. We'll see.


The Wind

The wind. She blows, steady and true. I wonder these days about the rest of you.



Nothing ever happens like it is supposed to. Maybe it is my fault. Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe this is just my journey and one that leads to less than I had hoped for.

Maybe it is just because the best is just around the corner.. Who knows.

Been awhile hasn't it. Maybe that is for a reason as well.



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